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Born Anyaogu Ijioma Peter on November 22 is an individual who has proven himself in all areas of his concern and endeavors. A hard-working fellow, with an inclination towards self actualization and community development. Always intentional in adding values in the spheres he works in.

RocK Peter is ever ready to push beyond his horizon in getting problems solved and tasks done. A good team player who learns from great minds.

Peter’s love for music had brought him this far. It is his passion for music that got him the pseudonym, “RockPeters.” A name he bears with a high pedigree of responsibility towards God and humanity.

The song, None like you was borne out of the passion for God and His love. It is a song that will really change people’s lives and perspective towards God.

Anyaogu Peter(RockPeters) to the world!!!

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