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Wizkid’s newly dropped album Made In Lagos (MIL) has garnered several reviews from fans and critics alike. But one thing that stood out is that there is a clear disconnection that had swept across the different categories of listeners. However, from all indication it’s clear that the album didn’t impress majority of his fans like his previous works. But it seems that his die hard supporters are questioning the intelligence of those who thought that the album is average, basing their rift on the fact the album isn’t meant for everybody.
After having critically listened to the songs by our team of musicologists, versenine.com unanimously believe that the album didn’t live to its hypes. The fact is that the album didn’t leave any impression on the listeners hence the complaints.
High class songs and commercial successes are not mutually exclusive. There are plenty of high class albums that sold millions of copies. Made In Lagos album isn’t a bad album actually, it’s not just a masterpiece. So whining over it is simply unnecessary. Wizzy is still a king but the album didn’t just make the cut. None of the track in the album stood out. And they all sounded alike. And just to bury this whole argument once and for all, from this moment to January of next year, let’s watch out and see how many tracks from the album that will stir up the populace. Even Smile, the ongoing single hasn’t really made much noise Wizzy’s previous jobs.
No one says you have to make club songs to get a hit. Asa’s first album was a hit back to back despite not having any sort of commercial undertones on it. Jay-z’s 444 album was a commercial success and same time a classic hiphop piece. Wizzy will get it next time we believe. A lot of artists go back and forth so it’s no biggie.

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