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Donseth, the director of Donseth entertainment has broken off his contract with luxury city record label founded by Hon. Cosmos Ndukwe. MOG. The rift followed after the two failed to reconcile several financial inconsistencies as agreed upon which led to the disengaging of the artists signed to the label.
According to Donseth, MOG failed to meet up with most of the financial obligations that were initially agreed on. He stated that he and MOG agreed that the later will deposit a sum of 2 million naira as an upfront payment but MOG failed to do so till the time of this report. Seth revealed that MOG backed out of the agreement after sending the boys they signed to Lagos and subsequently left them out to dry. He confirmed that MOG sent them some money for their routines but was way below what they agreed on.
In one instance, Donseth lamented that none of the signees’ songs were promoted or invested on. That all their plans and strategies they mapped out, for the artists’ promotions all collapsed due to lack of funds from their principal. Seth also pointed that MOG failed to provide the boys with basic accommodations as agreed on before sending them to Lagos. He revealed that he single-handedly housed the boys all through their stay in Lagos with little droppings from MOG. Eventually he told MOG that the boys surely need to get their own apartment and that it should be somewhere in Lagos island where the boys will be opportune to meet established artists and other important celebrities who will boost and quicken their pace to fame. Seth also revealed that MOG failed to honour their request for a car for easy mobility for the boys in Lagos to easily meander through Lagos roads for shows.
In summation, Seth has alleged that all the expenses he made on the boys and other ventures as related to the label has summed up to the tune of over N1, 300,000. He stated that his involvement in the label has strained him financially, regretting that his personal business and company has suffered serious setbacks as a result and that the boys have been left to start from the scratch again.
Due to versenine.com unwavering policy for a balance report, MOG was duly contacted for his own side of the story. Hon. Cosmos denied any foul play from his side, stating categorically that he fulfilled his own part of the bargain. From the response he gave us, he said he was sending money to Donseth every other week with nothing to show for it. Hon. Cosmos stated that all the money that has been generated so far from the label is yet to be accounted for by Donseth. He said when they were about to sign the Agreement, that Donseth promised him that the Label would make money in no time but till date he is yet to see a dime.
On the accommodation Issue, MOG said he told Donseth that renting a house in Lagos Island for over a million naira for the boys was too costly for him. He said he advised Donseth that the boys should have a little thing doing to support themselves that he simply can’t afford to put them in a Flat in Lagos Island. He furthered revealed that he did take care of the boys in his own way. He said he bought the boys new set of phones when they complained of not having phones and even took them to Ariaria Market for shopping and that this was in addition to so many hundreds of thousands he had sent to them for upkeep.
MOG cleansed himself from any wrong doing and stated that if anybody is being owed that he is the one not Donseth. That Donseth has never invested a dime in the label that everything came from him and that he has all the bank statement and he’s ready to prove his case anytime.

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