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The luxuryfest has come and gone and therefore, it’s time for a quick appraisal of what went down, at least for documentation cum citation purposes. Let it be out the way that the show was a success. For starters, the turnout was massive which means the concert was adequately promoted. They came strong too on security and the attendees were all at ease. There was not even a slightest scuffle recorded throughout the event, needless to say that the security personnel were professional in their conduct.

Now to the show proper, the organizers did a fine job in selecting the not-too-known artists that kick-started the event. They were all amazing, well except the few that seemed to had overstayed their welcome. Out of the dozens of good Aba bred acts that killed their stints, “flexible blessing” deserves a special shout-out. The girl is good and her body is truly flexible!
The hosts of the event did a fine job. They were stealth in their conduct and were able to command the crowd. They covered the three Fs’ of presentation: Firm, Formal, and Friendly. Much more they were comprehensive. They were familiar with the performers; both the known and the unknown therefore had a settled voice while introducing them.
The second phase of the Fest heralded the unveiling of the newly signed acts of Luxury city records. Flexy W came first, and boy! Did he kill it? flexy’s energy was exactly what was needed to introduce the trio. DonSeth did well on that. The live band feel added a whole new vibe to Flexy’s performance. He was ready! And his stage gait was beyond dazzling. He managed the crowd well. However, on the flipside, Flexy fell short a little when he insisted that fans must vibe to his yet-to-be released single ‘for your head’ (if that’s the title). Not the insistence was the problem, but how he went about it. He was a bit forceful and therefore sounded a little harsh and too forward. If he really wanted people to sing along with him he should have been more creative and re-strategize. For example, he could jokingly lie on the floor and insisted that the crowd sing before he gets up. Nevertheless, the most popular thing to have done in that circumstance would have been to ignore the crowd and continue. The key to a good performance is all about knowing when to keep pushing and knowing when to stop. But perhaps it worked for him because as I write this the only song playing in my head is: “I go follow your body, buy you Ferrari- spend my money for your head o!”
Urchbarz came after Flexy W and I must confess that he killed it ‘intoto’. His energy was strong and kicking. He controlled his vocals well. He was audible without being ‘shouty’. And he allowed his humour to come to the fore which by effect humanized his performance. The only glitch in Urch’s presentation was the delay that ensured when the traditional wrapper for his Ohafia’s culturally influenced song was being tied to him. Next time he should work on that. A slightest break can kill a world class performance.

Whoever that advised Collenshy to mount the stage with a slow song did him a great disservice. My brother you don’t appear on a stage with a slow song. It’s a vibe killer!, especially when you are miming it. Even Celine Dion doesn’t appear on a stage with a slow song. It’s that bad. Slow songs are performed in the in-betweens never in the first or last positions, much more in a dance-craze country like ours. That said. Collenshy killed it eventually. His lambo track it’s a certain hit. I’m waiting for the video and luxury city records should do well to shoot it ‘as e dey hot’.
Fireboy measured up to his name. He is truly a superstar. But I must ask him to churn out another hit like jealous as soon as possible. Honestly, jealous was the only song he performed that I knew. And that also had an impact. Most people ‘vibed’ to his other tracks mainly because he is the major artist in the event—also that most people are girls, and we know how they do once they are already in love with you. Lol.

In all luxuryFest was awesome. The organizers did a fantastic job. And from what versenine.com gathered, the organizers are by-product of Donseth Entertainment, a leading entertainment company in the south eastern part of Nigeria.
The organizers did an awesome job in the continuity of the show, a malaise that Aba events is yet to cleanse itself from. The transitions were seamless and smooth. It was well structured and conceptualized. There were no unnecessary breaks and pauses. And that helped them to manage the time properly. I doubt there was anyone that attended the event that would say there was a point where she felt sleepy. Kudos to Donseth and his team.
Beyond everything else, please the microphone was bad. The speakers were top notch but the ‘mics’. It sounded stoic and dry and was poorly compressed and equalized. Having said that, I must point out that the event was unprecedented. It was a cocktail of excellence, fun, education and glamour.
Luxury city, DonSeth Entertainment has outdone themselves. No event yet in Aba was like Luxury fest. The show on its own is a record to beat. And we can only expect more of it from other event managers around the city of Aba and it’s neighbouring cities.
This piece wouldn’t be complete until I recognized the chief host of the event, Honourable chief Cosmos Ndukwe for investing in the growth of entertainment in aba whence others are using theirs to building four storey buildings with special warehouse reserves for okarika bales.
Obasi .V. Agbai Editor, Versenine.com

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