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V9 TOP 10

3rd week of August, 2020

1.gentle npc-pata

gentle npc pata trends first on our chart!

2. double key-murder

double key-muder came second on our chat

3.dj slash-munachimso

munachimso-by popular dj, Slash came 3rd

4. don f-my prayer

on the 4th is the amazing don f with the jam my prayer

5. wiffer- fore fathers

dope mc wiffer came 5th

6. xteno- akpa ego

xteno’s long running joint money bag has dropped to the sixth spot.

7. saint-anuyanu

the lady emcee Saint is on the fifth spot with Anuyanu, a hardcore hit she shared with Vincii

8. chinex show me love

chinex’s show me love after a week of dropping debuts on the eight wrung

9. George--the way

george’s the way, debuts on the 9th spot

10. yung daddy--gbamgidi

yung daddy debuts on the ten spot