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A lot of talented music producers are springing up in the city of Aba almost on a daily basis. Nonetheless, there are few that have proven to be exceptional and versenine.com has strived to cherry pick few of them for recommendation of producers you should work with this 2020. (Note: this list is not conclusive).

5.- Da Luke

Da Luke is gifted in every way. His music sense is on the high side. Luke’s sounds are combinations of afro/pop sounds with a little bit of hip hop splattered on them. His works could be seen on joints of artists like: Vincii, Saint Dex cools etc.

4.-Klasik Tunes

Klasik is one of those young talents that you know are definitely going somewhere. His sounds are immersive and crunchy. He often makes use synths, pads and tinkling sounds in his productions. His work on Emergency, a smashing hit by Master P, says it all.

3.- Yuzy Beatz

There is hardly any beat that came from Yuzy that won’t sound good—the kid is that good. Also he is already quite popular in the Aba Music industry. He is well sought after. Percussions are his regular choice of instruments.

2.- Vkey Melody

Vkey Melody came second on the list. Melody is pushing both ways. He is dope singer/rapper and a promising producer as well- with an exceptional skill and a deep understanding of music and sounds. Melody is versatile. He can produce highlife, jazz, blues and afro pop songs. Versenine.com highly recommends you work with him.

1.- Songi

Songi is already a big shot in the industry with so many classic hits under his sleeves. His sounds are always unique and on their own lane. His taste of music is in cloud nine and his mixing skills are top notch. 80% of all aba artists have worked with him. have you worked with Songi?
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