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2019 opened a vista that revealed a lot of hidden talented rappers from the commercial hub of Abia State, Aba. These rappers have proven ready to engage any rapper across the world with their mercurial flows, heavy bars and lyrical abilities. Moving forward, in other to help put things in perspective, versenine.com has compiled a top ten list of promising rappers who are most likely to break into the industry come 2020. Nevertheless, the list is not enclosed as there are probably other dope emcees that probably weren’t captured.
10. Q Fabz

Q Fabz or Q, is a smooth, soft spoken emcee with a lot of confidence in his flow and ability. He’s yet to have any major track of his own but his free styling singles have shown he’s a star to watch out for.
9. Saint

Saint is female Emcee with a sonorous vigour in her flow. Her rap style is breezy, calm and clear. She reminds one of the classic duo, Salt N Pepa. Her single 082 with Vincii premiered on the 2nd spot of Versenine.com chart for over two weeks.
8. Watamanny

Watamanny is a true definition of a hardcore rap artist. He is usually likened to the late Tupac Shakur and he is a socio-conscious rapper who strives to make the world a better place through his music. His single MY RIGHT, proved the assertion true.
7. venum

Venum is probably the best Igbo rapper in the city of Aba right now. The kid can rap. His lyrical ability is beyond words. And he knows how to really drop punchlines. However, he’s yet to drop a popular single, but he is surely a dude to look out for come 2020’
6. Vincii

Vincii can easily be categorized as an ajebo rapper, but when you look just a little below his suaveness, you will see a rugged emcee with venomous flows. Vincii is very passionate about hip hop and that perhaps will be his golden ticket.
5. Rapkid

Rapkid’s single Beast is one of the most heavily laced hardcore jams that were made in the city of Aba. The Songi-produced song is a force to reckon with. The song debuted on the 4th spot on versenine.com chart and was frequently played on buzz fm 89.7 hip hop show What’s Up.

4. M Prince

M Prince Egbuta is a passionate rapper. He bares himself in his songs and raps only about things that bothers him and his environment; especially his homeboys. His single “Road to Zion” debuted on the Number 1 spot in versenine.com and remained there for three whole weeks, making it the only rap song to have achieved such feat.
3. BB Da Classic

BB Classic is already an old G in the game so it’s not surprising that his bars are heavy as F**k. One of his singles Anuyanu, ft Donchill Baba was almost a national anthem in the street when it came out and it’s easily cited as one of the most undaunted hip hop songs made in the city of Aba.
2. Ben Sharzy

Ben Sharzy might look young and innocent in the face, but his mind is far deep and his wordplays are simply magnificent. The kid can rap. He has appeared on Buzz fm’s radio rap battle severally and has never lost to anyone. His mucky vocals and lyrical ability are few of his selling points. We believe 2020 is very likely to be his year.
1. Urch Barz

Urch Barz is super popular in Aba music Industry. But that’s not why he’s on the top spot in this rating. Beyond the fact that Urch is a mini rap god with a profound stage performing ability and an outstanding flow, he is currently signed to one of the biggest record labels in the city; Luxury city records and few of his singles like, Ohafia and Anything with Flexy W, are seriously making wave. Urch Barz is very likely to break even come 2020, and he will be a delight to watch.
Tomorrow: top 5 Aba Music producers to look out for come 2020

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