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Vincii’s Lightskin EP is a promising work of art by any measure. The eight track compilation project is a mixture of raw hardcore flows, beautiful dance tunes and feel good jams.
The first track real gees is a shout out track that he dedicated to his crew and those who had helped him in one way or the other. No drama, the second track is simply beautiful and a must listen for people that crave for feel good songs. Perhaps 49bars is versenine best track in the work. Vincii went all out in the jam. He spat from the heart and the beat texture is just superb.
Vincii had help though. The likes of Brite Aye, Buzzboss, Erikin and Zeak made vocal contributions with Daluke handling most of the productions. The absence of S4int, one of Vincii’s closest music pals was highly felt.
On the downside, the EP’s Production quality; mixing and mastering wasn’t really top notch, especially the vocals. But in all lightskin is a great work. Kudos to vincii!


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